PassMoz LabWin – Instantly Reset Windows 10 Forgotten Password

In this post I am going to review a good password reset tool called PassMoz LabWin. With this tool you can instantly reset Windows 10 Forgotten Password. What do you do when you forget your account password ?. While you can’t remember it because it was a complex password, recovering the password is more tedious. So you are basically stuck. This is where PassMoz Labwin tool will help you to reset the account password.

PassMoz LabWin is a fantastic tool that can reset passwords on Windows based PCs and laptops. In addition there is no data loss after password is reset. This means you can use this tool safely to reset Windows 10 forgotten password.

Top features of PassMoz LabWin

  • You can reset user account password without any loss of data.
  • The best part is you can use this tool to reset both administrator and normal user accounts.
  • Password reset tools works really fast. You can reset the password in just few seconds.
  • Installation is very simple and the product has good very clean GUI.
  • To use this tool you need not be a techie or a geek. Any user can use this tool as the instructions are fairly simple.
  • The tool works well on Windows 10/8/8.1/7/Vista/XP. That pretty sums up all the windows OS that are commonly used.

Download PassMoz Labwin Tool

You can download PassMoz Labwin tool by clicking here. You can either download a trial copy or buy the product. A trial copy will show you what all the tool can do. Using a trial version, you cannot reset the password. A purchased copy will actually help you to reset the account password.

PassMoz LabWin – Instantly Reset Windows 10 Forgotten Password

First of all download and install PassMoz Windows Password Recovery tool on a computer where you have got admin access. Launch the software and follow the wizard to install it. The installation is very simple and gets installed quickly. Run the software as administrator and you will find a pretty neat GUI windows as shown below.

There are two options to create a reset disk.

  1. Create Password Reset CD/DVD – Most of the laptops and PC’s come with DVD drive. You can insert a blank DVD and use that as a password reset disk.
  2. Create Password Reset USB Flash Drive – If you don’t have DVD drive then don’t worry. You can use a flash drive and use it to reset Windows password.

In this post I will go with create password reset USB Flash drive option. Plug-in the flash drive and click Burn USB.

Reset Windows 10 Forgotten Password

Before the files are copied over to USB flash drive, the drive is first formatted. Click Yes to format USB flash drive.

Reset Windows 10 Forgotten Password

You will now see message “Burning Successfully!“. Click Yes to close the message box.

Reset Windows 10 Forgotten Password

Reset Windows 10 Forgotten Password

Connect the USB drive to the system where you want to reset user account password. Restart the machine and from BIOS select the option to boot via USB device. This loads up the Passmoz Labwin tool using which you can reset the account password.

Step 1 – Select the Windows OS (usually this is C: drive).

Step 2 – Select a user. Select user account that needs password reset.

Step 3 – Now click Reset Password. Note that you can also add an user account by clicking Add User button.

Reset Windows 10 Forgotten Password

Click Yes if you want to reset the password for selected user account.

Reset Windows 10 Forgotten Password

Using PassMoz labwin tool you have successfully reset windows 10 forgotten password.

Reset Windows 10 Forgotten Password

Restart the system and you can login to with user account without entering any password. With PassMoz Labwin tool you have instantly reset Windows 10 forgotten password.

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