• SCCMHow to Repair SCCM Client Agent

    3 Best Ways to Repair SCCM Client Agent

    In this post we will go through the steps to repair SCCM client agent. The best way to repair a Configuration Manager client agent is to use ccmrepair.exe. I will cover some additional methods using which you can easily fix your SCCM client agent issues by repairing it. I often…

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  • SCCMHow to Enable MDT Auto Logon

    Enable MDT Auto logon with Easy Steps

    In this post I will cover the steps to enable MDT auto logon. I am often asked about how to enable auto logon after deployment in MDT and I am going to shed some light on it in this post. First of all Microsoft don’t recommended to use Auto-logon. However…

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  • SCCMHow to Deploy Custom Start Menu with MDT

    How to Deploy Custom Start Menu with MDT

    In this post I will show you how to deploy custom start menu with MDT. We will use MDT task sequence to deploy custom start menu in our setup. Few organizations prefer to deploy Windows 10 with custom start menu. Also they expect to lock the custom start layout for…

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  • SCCMFix SCCM Script Approve Deny Option is Disabled

    Fix SCCM Script Approve Deny Option is Disabled

    This post covers the fix for the issue where the SCCM script approve deny option is disabled or greyed out. The steps are applicable to Configuration Manager current branch builds 2006 and above. Many admins prefer to deploy PowerShell scripts via the SCCM console using Run Scripts feature. Configuration Manager…

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  • IntuneDisable Device Diagnostics in MEM Admin Center

    How To Disable Device Diagnostics in MEM Admin Center

    In this post I will show you how to disable Device diagnostics in MEM admin center. The device diagnostics feature was introduced in Intune service release 2102. It is enabled by default but you can disable Device diagnostics feature if it is not required. The Collect diagnostics feature is a…

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  • IntuneRemotely Collect Windows Device Logs with Intune

    Easy Guide to Collect Logs with Intune – Windows 10 Device diagnostics

    With Windows 10 Device diagnostics feature (Collect Diagnostics) you can collect logs with Intune. In February 2021, Microsoft announced the Intune service release 2102 that included public preview of the Windows 10 Device diagnostics feature. In this post we will explore in-depth about Windows 10 Device Diagnostics requirements, steps to…

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  • SCCMDeploy Zoom Client Using ConfigMgr

    Deploy Zoom Client Using ConfigMgr | MEMCM

    This post covers the steps to deploy Zoom client using ConfigMgr. We will first download Zoom MSI installer for meetings, create Zoom application and deploy Zoom Client to our endpoints. Zoom is a cloud-based video conferencing software solution that allows organizations to conduct virtual meetings and collaborate in real-time using…

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  • SCCMRepair Configuration Manager Console

    2 Easy Methods to Repair Configuration Manager Console

    Recently I got an email asking me what is the right way to repair Configuration Manager console. The solution to repair SCCM console is easy but I had never documented about this. So this post is all about how to repair Configuration Manager console installed on your computer with 2…

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  • SCCMFix SCCM Community Hub Issues

    Fix SCCM Community Hub Issues – 2 Simple Issues

    In this post we will look at steps to fix SCCM community hub issues. Community hub is one of the best feature in Configuration Manager and if you haven’t explored it, I would recommend to do so. Starting with Configuration Manager version 2002, the community hub feature was introduced by…

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  • SCCMSteps to Recover SCCM Secondary Site

    Detailed Guide to Recover SCCM Secondary Site

    This post details the steps to recover SCCM Secondary site. Secondary site recovery is required when a Configuration Manager secondary site fails. To recover secondary site, you can use the Recover Secondary Site action from the Sites node in the Configuration Manager console. Setting up a secondary site in SCCM…

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