Google Domains Registrar Service launched in India

Have you heard about Google domains registrar service launched in India ?. It’s called Google Domains and it’s currently in beta phase. Google launched this service secretly and there was no announcement done by Google about this. While there are many domains registrar services, Google also launched web domain registrar service in India. Few months ago Google also announced set to free tools to setup websites free of cost. Currently most common top level domains can be bought at Rs 890 per year. For example .com, .in are priced at Rs 890 per year, at Rs 790 per year.

If you buy TLD with popular registrars such as Godaddy, BigRock, you will find the prices cheaper than what Google is offering. Furthermore there are no deals that attract users to buy the domains. Google has placed the prices a bit higher than other registrars. There are no free custom email addresses offered by Google. Note that Google domains is still in beta phase and google might add more features, offers in coming days.

Google Domains Registrar Service launched in India

When you visit Google domains, you see options to search domain names. In addition you can transfer a domain to Google Domains or between Google accounts. The interface is cool and simple. Finding a domain name is very simple. Most of all Google provides domain name suggestions and they match domain names that you are looking for.  Google domains also adds Related Domains feature which shows up popular available domain names for purchasing.

Google Domains Registrar Service launched

If you have bought a domain name from other registrars, you have to pay extra money to hide the details sent to ICANN. Google provides the users choice to hide the details that are sent to ICANN. In other words the Google domains offers private registration for free. Before you buy the domain, go through the refund policy here. In conclusion we must wait and watch to see what Google brings up new with Google domains.

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