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Find Applications Without Deployments – SCCM Management Insights

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SCCM 1802 comes with a new feature called management insights. SCCM Management Insights help you to understand your SCCM environment in a better way. In this post we will look at another example of how you can utilize management sights. This time we are going to evaluate rule called Applications without deployments. Basically this rule is to find applications without deployments. Using SCCM management insights we can find applications that have not been deployed to any collections. This is a very Interesting feature and very useful too.

In one my previous post we discussed only about SCCM management insights. We listed all the insight groups and rules contained within each group. Each rule has a task to perform. In addition we also saw an example of how SCCM management insights can simplify your tasks. Packaging apps and deploying isn’t a simple job. Big organizations include lot of apps packaged in SCCM. Probably some of them are deployed and some aren’t. So what’s the point of keeping those apps that would never get deployed ?. Furthermore how will you find list of applications without deployments ?. The answer is using SCCM Management Insights.

Find Applications Without Deployments – SCCM Management Insights

Let’s look at how to find applications without deployments using management insights. Open Configuration Manager Console. Click Administration node and click on Management Insights. Double click Applications insight group name. Right click Applications without deployments and click More Details.

Rule Description – This rule lists the applications in your environment that do not have active deployments. This rule helps you find and delete unused applications. As a result you see simplified list of applications displayed in the console.

Let’s re-evaluate this rule to list inactive application deployments. Right click the rule and click Re-evaluate. Seems like we have some apps that aren’t deployed at all. If you have already read this post, maybe it’s time to try out such awesome SCCM 1802 features. Find Applications Without Deployments