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Hi, I am Prajwal Desai. For last few years I have been working on multiple technologies such as SCCM / Configuration Manager, Lync, Azure, Security, Exchange server etc. I created this site so that I can share valuable information with everyone. I try my best to publish posts with screenshots so it becomes easy to understand and deploy. Recent additions include YouTube videos, Community forums.

James Vincent

Hi I am James Vincent. I’m currently working as an IT Consultant with a strong focus on the End User. I currently work on projects that revolve around SCCM, Office365, Intune, Autopilot, among other service platforms. Mainly assisting people in their migrations from Windows 7 to Windows 10 and/or from older versions of SCCM to the latest, with the addition/inclusion of Intune and Co-management.

Jesus Octavio

Hi I am Jesús Octavio Rodríguez de Santiago. I have got over 10 years of experience in the implementation and consulting of Microsoft Operating Systems. I am also an author of several eBooks for the Implementation of Operating Systems and Microsoft Applications. I currently work on MDT, SCCM, DCCS, Office 365, Intune, Autopilot, among other service platforms.


Hi, I am Youssef Saad from Morocco. I’m currently working on Microsoft Endpoint Configuration Manager and focused on it for more than 3 years. I have also worked in a multiple Microsoft products like MDT, Intune, MBAM. I do my best to publish the maximum of posts and help the communities in a different forums.


Hi, my name is Gokul T.G from Kerala. From past three years I have been working on multiple technologies. Especially concentrating on SCCM / Configuration Manager and Microsoft Azure. I am currently active on different forums and like to provide solutions and share the knowledge to everyone.

Hello, I’m DAKHAMA MEHDI from FRANCE. I am currently working as a MICROSOFT consultant and trainer (infrastructure, cloud and server), and systems administrator for more than 12 years. I am also a developer desktop applications. I managed lot projects of different technology (SCCM, Server, MDT, ADFS, ADRMS, Security, Microsoft 365, Intune …). I like to share my knowledge and helping everyone through my articles and applications.

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