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Prajwal Desai

EUC Technical Specialist – Microsoft MVP – Blogger

Hi, I am Prajwal Desai. For last 10 years I have been working on multiple technologies such as Configuration Manager (SCCM), Azure, Intune. I also love publishing articles on Security, Software Reviews, etc. I created so that I can share valuable information with everyone. After all Knowledge shared is knowledge squared. At one point I felt people require a platform to discuss the technical issues. Hence I launched prajwaldesai forums which has currently 7000+ users. I try my best to publish posts with screenshots and explain things in a simpler way so it becomes easy to understand and apply. I also publish YouTube videos in my free time.

James Vincent

End User Compute (EUC) – Modern Workplace Specialist

I’m an IT Consultant specializing in End User Computing (EUC). Over the past 10 or so years EUC has been my main focus, mainly around the Windows Desktop and management thereof, across a mixture of Small/Medium businesses and Large Multinational companies. I currently work on Modern Management, using Endpoint Manager (aka Intune) and technologies such as Autopilot. I now spend a lot of my time converting SCCM Task Sequences to pure Endpoint Manager deployments for use with Autopilot, this approach gives a very lightweight (infrastructure wise) result, and allows for remote deployment or even pre/re/deployment of Devices in a relatively quick and easy manner.

Dakhama Mehdi e1589905463394

Dakhama Mehdi

Education Professional chez – Microsoft MVP

Hello, I’m Dakhama Mehdi from France. I am one of the contributors on this site. I am currently working as a Microsoft consultant and trainer (infrastructure, cloud and server), and systems administrator for more than 12 years. I am a Microsoft Certified Trainer and I received my Microsoft MVP award recently. I am also a developer desktop applications. I managed lot projects of different technology (SCCM, Server, MDT, ADFS, ADRMS, Security, Microsoft 365, Intune). I like to share my knowledge and helping everyone through my articles and applications.