Time Zone Inventory using Configuration Manager

Using Configuration Manager many admins look to query Time Zone information on all clients. You can easily query Daylight Saving Time information with SCCM using a simple query and add it to collection.

This guide will help you to get all Time Zone information as you need using Configuration Manager. For more information on Time Zone object, read this article.

Step 1 – Enable Time Zone Hardware Inventory class

As you know, Configuration Manager will get the Time Zone information with the Hardware Inventory feature. However by default, ConfigMgr doesn’t do that. Therefore you have to enable a new Hardware Inventory class named “Time Zone(Win32_TimeZone)“.

  • Launch the Configuration Manager console.
  • Go Administration > Overview > Client Settings.
  • Right click Default Client Settings and click Properties.
  • In the Hardware Inventory tab, click Set Classes.

hardware inventory

In the search bar, type Timezone. Select the Time Zone (Win32_TimeZone) Hardware Inventory class and click OK.

hardware inventory classes

The new configuration of the Hardware Inventory is set, by default, the client will update the new policies every 60 minutes. However if you want to speed up things, under Assets and Compliance > Device Collections. Right click All Desktop and Server Clients. Select Client Notification and click Download Computer Policy. Repeat the same for Collect Hardware Inventory client notification.

Time Zone Inventory using Configuration Manager Snap3

You can monitor policy evaluation under Monitoring > Overview > Client Operations.

Time Zone Inventory using Configuration Manager Snap4

In addition to that, on the client computer, you can check the InventoryAgent.log file. Look for the line Inventory: Action completed.


Step 2 – Create Time Zone SCCM query

Under Monitoring click Queries. Right click and click Create Query.

Time Zone Inventory using Configuration Manager

Under General Query Settings, specify the name of the query and click Edit Query Statement. Click OK.

Time Zone Inventory using Configuration Manager

On the query statement properties window, click General tab. At the bottom, click Show Query Language.

Time Zone Inventory using Configuration Manager Snap8

Under Query Statement, copy and paste the below query.

select SMS_R_System.Name, SMS_G_System_TIME_ZONE.* from  SMS_R_System inner join SMS_G_System_TIME_ZONE on SMS_G_System_TIME_ZONE.ResourceID = SMS_R_System.ResourceId

Time Zone Inventory using Configuration Manager

Under Queries, right click to TimeZone query and click Run. You’ll get the following similar result.

Time Zone Inventory using Configuration Manager Snap10

Furthermore, the TimeZone.DaylightBias value is stored as part of the value for TZI for that time zone in the Windows registry.

In relation to the UTC time and the local time of the time zone, UTC time is the result of adding the Bias and DaylightBias to the local time. For example, in a state adopting daylight time in the Pacific time zone, the Bias is 480 minutes and DaylightBias is -60 minutes.

To determine the time in UTC for June 11, 2 A.M. PST, add a Bias of (480/60) hours and a DaylightBias of -(60/60) hours to the local time June 11, 2 A.M. The time in UTC is June 11, 9 A.M.

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